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Hello and welcome to the Self Empowerment Center @ The goal of my work as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide is to help people find self empowerment and joy. This results from allowing the focus to rest with self instead of other. I help people to access their very own personal power and wisdom. When that happens the results are magical. I work at the pace that the individual desires, yet even when going slowly the results are very good. What I really like about the work is that it also can produce greatly accelerated progress when you the client intend that within yourself. If you have done a lot of work on yourself this may be your next step.

Since the work is about self empowerment, I only desire to work with those who understand that permanent change can only come from internal shifts, and that I provide the guidance and inspiration, you must provide the perspiration. That isn't to say it's all painful and taxing. Many of the Services include new methods for releasing blocked energy or learning to center are easy and rewarding. Transformation can be painless as well as great fun! It is definitely an inside job.
Being self responsible as my client means keeping appointments as agreed upon, and compensating me for the full fee in the event of a cancellation with less then 24 hour notice by phone. I set that time aside and prepare mentally and energetically for my work with people. I also must plan other events and opportunities around appointments so I must take care of myself and my family in this way. Also I'd like to clarify, that as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide I may make suggestions in the course of the process, but it is you who decides how to live your life and what choices to make. However I would welcome feedback if you feel something needs to be looked at.

I hold certification in Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Integrative Breathwork also Hypnotherapy and Electromagnetic Field Balancing. I have practitioner status in La Chance Emotional Release Method and Thoughtfield Therapy. I incorporate many other methods as well. My primary influences are Jacquelyn Small and Dr. Stanislav Grof M.D. both internationally known therapists and authors of more than twenty books collectively.

Star Fall"The healer is within!  And we are all stars just awaiting our time to come fully into ourselves to shine for the world! We need only to recognize this fact to access this built-in creative potential we all share."
Jacquelyn Small


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And, hey, if you feel inspired, drop me a line at
Or write to me at    PO Box 695 Griswold CT 06351
It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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