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Sharing Experiences
by Bobbi Gay

I recently read that a Gallup poll indicated that if memory serves, sixty eight percent of Americans indicated that they have had highly unusual inner experiences which they felt they couldn't share with others. This saddened me because the human psyche is so much bigger and richer, and intrinsically healing than the current model dictates. In order to fit the model of mental health, people cut themselves off from their very own experiences. Yet these experiences cause problems when they are bottled up. The way we process something is to feel it, know how we feel about it, then decide what it means in the context of out lives. How can we do that when it's not acceptable to share these stories? The other thing that's sad and tragic is that the kernels for healing usually lie within these internally generated experiences.

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We here at the Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com wanted to create a forum for exchanging stories. We hope it will help people release, and integrate their experiences. We also hope it will expand our ideas of what constitutes normal experiences.

I will periodically choose a few to comment on. The comments will be meant to demonstrate what some of the healing possibilities of that experience might be, or to show commonalties that aren't acknowledged when we don't share back and forth.

Unusual types of experiences include but are not limited to:

Heart openings     Affirmations from within

Interactions with Spirit Guides Angelic Experiences

Psychic happenings     UFO experiences

Visionary experiences Near Death Experiences

Inner Experiences Mystical experiences    

Dreams Unusual sometimes psychic in nature

Lucid dreams Dreams in which the dreamer becomes aware he/she is dreaming and may even be able to direct the dream.

Psychoid events These events have an internal aspect as well as something related definitely occurring in the outer world. The story I will share is both psychoid and an inner affirmation.

Synchronicity These are events that seem to have some meaningful relationship to each other, but don't appear causally related in time and space. These experiences seem to be internal indicators of some kind of meaning or personal relevance. My experience had synchronicitious aspects. The link between the two events was my thought life and that of Alan. Yet normally in our culture we don't allow that thoughts could create what followed.

The Self Empowerment Center @ LightSeed.com invites you to participate in our Mail us your experienceSharing Forum, which offers people an opportunity to safely explore and share inner experiences, peak moments and Out of Body Experiences. Share your story of Self Empowerment, use of vibrational remedies, angelic experiences, etc. and read about those of others. Let the sharing begin! Thanks in advance. Enjoy!

Sharing Forum
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Angelic Experience  Near Death Experience Spirit Guide
Bobbi Gay Out of Body Experience Synchronicity
Dream Peak Moment UFO
Heart Opening Psychic Happening Vibrational Remedy
Inner Experience Psychoid Experience  Vision

To start it off Alan and I have each have shared an unusual inner experience we personally had.

We want to hear from you. Please feel free to e-mail your experience to Sharing@LightSeed.com

In the subject part of your message please indicate, from the list above, which area you wish your experience to be placed. We will feature them as our time and space permit. Again, thanks in advance for sharing!

Please indicate whether you wish to invite responses from others, use initials, use your name or remain anonymous. Your choices are:

1. E-mail address - To invite feedback or responses please include your e-mail address after the shared experience, e.g.. I would put Bobbi@LightSeed.com

2. Initials only - To include your initials only, simply type them after the shared experience, e.g.. I would put BJG

3. Name only - To include your name only, simply type you name after the shared experience, e.g.. I would put Bobbi Gay

4. Anonymous - To remain anonymous please state, after the shared experience,
"Do NOT use my name, initials or e-mail address."

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And, hey, if you feel inspired, drop me a line at Bobbi@LightSeed.com
Or write to me at  LightSeed.com    PO Box 695 Griswold CT 06351
It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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