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The Holotropic Mind

by Stanislav Grof MD



In Association with Amazon.comIn my opinion Stanislav Grof is the foremost expert in the area of human consciousness today. He has researched all aspects of consciousness for more than thirty years. He is a classically trained psychiatrist who has dared to step out into the unknown area of human potential and self-healing by way of deep internal experiences.

You are in good hands with him. His "cartography of consciousness" is visionary and will provide a map for redefining "psyche". He paints a much bigger picture of what it means to be human. Despite his intellectual vigor Grof wrote Holotropic Mind for the everyday person.

The Holotropic Mind offers insight into how complex and seemingly magical we all are. Grof explains in a straightforward way the meat of all his theoretical work. He uses many real life examples of stories coming from explorers of deep mind. The Holotropic Mind is an eye opener for those who feel stuck with the mainstream model of psychology.

I can personally attest that Grof's techniques work in amazing ways. You can trust this information. His work is without a doubt the deepest experiential work available today.

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The Holotropic Mind

By Stanislav Grof MD

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