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by Bobbi Gay

Bobbi Gay is one of those rare people who carries transformative energy in her very being. cShe is totally dedicated to the well-being of those she meets and to our planet as a whole. I am grateful to have her in my life, indeed, a life-long friend and co-worker. LightSeed is a wonderful new contribution to helping our planet and her peoples evolve to our next stage of awakening."
-- Jacquelyn Small author/teacher

Hello my name is Bobbi Gay and for over a decade I have been actively pursuing training as a Self Empowerment Coach and information that helps people to get more out of life. I have approximately one thousand hours of training in numerous complimentary healing methods. This sprang from my own needs, as I had spent nearly three years in mainstream therapy and yet the feelings of aliveness and meaning were so fleeting. I read many hundreds of books, traveled and trained all over the U.S. and practiced, practiced, practiced my skills both with others and myself. I found that there are levels of the being that don't always get adequate attention and respect under the current mainstream model of psychology.

I have found that people can make big changes when body, mind, spirit and emotions are all considered. That is why I often refer to what I do as Soulwork because when all these levels line up we become more soulful. The emotional nature is often where people get stuck. There is no need to walk around reactive or stuck in negativity any more. The body holds all that we have been unable to process through, this can foster negative thoughts and emotions. Many great new methods exist that allow forward movement and soul alignment by integrating the body and emotions into a more complete process.

For those who feel some soul loss, or a lack of meaning, those things are healed by reconnecting within. That's what Soulwork does, it helps people to align with their own soul, and there's a great deal of intelligence and strength to draw on there. Often we must reconnect to Self in order to discover purpose for our life.

Some of us have attained a certain level of stability or mastery and yet we want more. Soulplay is exciting and challenging for those who are intrigued by the inner mountains and oceans. The excitement of reclaiming more of who you are is wonderful wherever you happen to be right now. As the new millennia approaches self-empowerment, rather than victimhood will be valued. We can be, and do, and have so much more.

Issues commonly addressed:

Heart Relationship issues of all kinds
Heart Discovering where you give your power away to others and learning to change the pattern
Heart Stuck emotions felt as body tension, negative interpretations of events and the world, behaving in automated ways
Heart Patterns that repeat and frustrate, this is usually accompanied by feelings of helplessness or denial
Heart Old trauma that interferes with current life, through repetitive patterns, bodily tension, or overreactions
Heart Creating experiences of going inward to connect, feel, or draw guidance; these experiences reinstitute a wholeness and joy
Heart Changing beliefs - Discovering the power of your own intention
Heart Working with core beliefs and emotions that determine our reality
Heart Self empowerment on all levels - body/mind/emotions/spirit
Heart Inner child - We have wounded parts that get frozen in time, it takes energy to keep that part frozen, plus we lose the qualities and energies that part holds
Heart Boundary work - Learning the power in saying no as well as the freedom in saying yes


This work is very sacred and could be thought of as opening the heart to self and then others. It brings out the best in you as long as you take responsibility for your own process. As your Self Empowerment Coach and guide, I can offer perspective, help you through some rough spots and inspire. Yet it is you who ultimately must open to your own inner being as well as your own power and knowing. I work in thirty-minute, one hour and two-hour increments. I'm available in person or for phone work. Longer sessions usually allow for more experiential opportunities.

If these ideas excite you and you would like to make an appointment or ask a question please Services @ LightSeed.comCall me Toll-Free 1.888.407.8456 to schedule an appointment.
International call +1.860.376.3930
Or send an e-mail to for further information.


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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.

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