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Statement of Purpose for This Work
Self Empowerment Coaching and guide



I believe as a species we are being forced to grow. Our old ways of looking at the world have fostered pollution and divisiveness. We need to find some new ways of being and doing. Our personal relationships often lack aliveness and mutual visibility. We are shaped by a culture that has no personal love for us as individuals. Often we fear our own emotions and physicality.

We are missing the inner compass that leads us toward fulfillment. Many of us feel things are going faster and faster. The only way I know to gain the capacity to keep up with the demands for change is soul retrieval. I see soul loss as the central problem we face today. This can't be fixed by current institutions because they are bound by limited worldviews. In many cases our institutions foster soul loss. The good news and the bad news is one in the same. We must shape and define ourselves.

Many people feel a loss of meaning and connection to life. This often corresponds to a loss of contact with the body and/or emotions. Others live a life someone else chose for them, or they arrived at by default. They may never have examined what they believe about others, the world or themselves. They may long for more creative control in life but don't know how to get there. Many people secretly fear being alone with themselves. These are some of the results of soul loss.

I believe each of us has an inner healer of mind/body/spirit/emotions. My work as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide is in assisting you in getting in contact with that force. This force is actually a very loving being who exists within you. This inner being can lead you through any process life brings you. It wants you to succeed and have joy.

This work is useful for both the very wounded and the bold self explorer. It is empowering in many unexpected ways. Working this way can open you to new self understanding and love. Life can take on more meaning and joy. I invite you to journey inward with the support of an experienced guide.

I am happy to work with people as a Self Empowerment Coach and guide on a one time basis, but I am also available for regularly scheduled sessions, or on an as needed basis. This may be particularly useful for the bold experiential explorers who need more integration in the weeks or months following a powerful experience. It also would be helpful for those who like to chart their own course, but occassionally appreciate high quality feedback.

I pledge to you that I will be in a high functioning state whenever I work with you. I pledge to hold your personhood in high regard. I also promise to look for your soul's presence and desires, at all times in our work. I invite you to join me in a session of self discovery and self-empowerment.

In light and love Bobbi Gay

Now is the time to begin investing in yourself in new ways!


Principles of my Work

  1. All healing and growth comes from within you.
  2. There is always a way to have compassion for yourself.
  3. Problems involving others are resolved within self.
  4. We all carry patterns that need not define us.
  5. Patterns can be released using many techniques.
  6. The permanent change comes when we change our identification with thoughts and emotions.
  7. Each of us is actually a vast and powerful soul.
  8. We all can experience a connection to inner being and find strength and guidance in that.
  9. We are meant to be self governing, highly creative and playful.
  10. Each of us has a purpose here, we also have all the tools and the map internalized within

"The healer is within!  And we are all stars just awaiting our time to come fully into ourselves to shine for the world! We need only to recognize this fact to access this built-in creative potential we all share."
Jacquelyn Small



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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.

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