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Alan Cornelius is one of the two co-founders of this web site. He has designed and implemented every technical aspect of the Self Empowerment Center @ web site. He did this by drawing on his his background in retail sales combined with his well developed computer skills as well as his love for computers and the good they offer all of us. In addition Alan enjoys the idea of being a vital link between little known manufacturers of superior products and customers who appreciate a discriminating and carefully chosen product line.

In addition he is certified in Psycho-Spiritual Integration and Integrative Breathwork with author and teacher Jacquelyn Small. He is comfortable holding paradox and letting go of outcome.

His penetrating understanding of the big picture always comes in handy, but was absolutely vital to this project. Many an hour was spent concretizing our intentions and plans. At these times he was able to look far down the road to anticipate what you our honored customers would benefit from. We hope you can feel the love and attention that Alan put into our site!

P.S. We love the idea of the Acorn as a symbol for transformation, but in addition it contains the Alan’s first intitial combined with the first four letters of his last name.
A CORN … ELIUS! This was the origin of our name for our flower essence blends. We call them Acorn Solutions.


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It's always good to hear from fellow online seekers, healers and explorers.
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