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Over the years I have developed many talks as well as workshops. Most talks run about two hours, but could be expanded. The longer workshops are also flexible. For example two could be combined to make it a weekend event. An example might be to have a day long on heart opening, followed by a Integrative Breathwork day. The first one primes the pump so to speak for the breathwork.

I enjoy doing workshops and I'm seeking to expand that part of my work if you think your group would like to use these services please contact me. I'm more than willing to work with private groups in homes as well. Bring me to your town! Fees will be negotiated based on travel, number of attendants and length of workshop, etc.

Current Workshop Titles Offered
Integrative Breathwork Introduction Understanding Emotions
Integrative Breathwork Understanding the Shadow:
Loving the Self

Better Communication - Better Quality of Life

Few things in my life have caused me more pain and trauma then my own frustrating communication patterns. My heart used to sag with defeat as I would feel myself reenacting a familiar and demoralizing scenario with my significant other. I clearly remember how helpless I felt, but the good news is I only "felt" helpless. In truth I had everything I needed to change my story. It was a bumpy ride and I didn't arrive at a simple intellectual understanding, I changed my patterns. I wanted something good to come from all that pain and that is why I created this workshop. This is a two part format, each part is two hours. The first session will be dedicated to getting a clear idea of dysfunctional communication patterns. The point of this is to identify your own patterns. There will be a discussion of the quality of intimacy and how to achieve it. We will learn, just as I learned through my journey, how to create emotional safety for our beloved within and without.

Part two will talk about emerging new patterns for couples and all intimate loved ones including children. New ideals are being born of the consciousness movement of the sixties. Love is a gift to be given and received, this is the essence of communication. One of my strong interests is future patterns of wholeness and how to get there. This is especially true for couple's relating. I will be exploring future trends and providing some solid guidelines and inspiration for getting so much more. We will have a relaxation exercise followed by a reverie to access core beliefs about communication. Top


Couples Relationships for a New Millennium

Maybe men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the new millennium demands that we all unfold and blend. The traditional walls and artificial barriers between men and women need to crumble. We need all of who we are as a species in order to meet the evolutionary challenges that lie before us. The rewards are rich and full. It's all good stuff. There seem to be new values and ways of being coming in. My own personal journey into love has unfolded in a way that tracks with all my couples study. I can see changes, especially in the area of personal power occurring. I think the future model of right relationship will be characterized by two people whole unto themselves coming together.

The result is a synergy as two points of power join and hold a similar vision or purpose. It may express in entirely divergent ways but at the bottom will lie similar ideals and great mutual respect. Right relationship will mean emotional intimacy. It will mean being that "safe place" for the other. In order to unfold this potential we need to learn what patterns contribute to pain and separation and which lead us to wholeness. We need to consolidate personal power and knowing before we attempt "to lose" ourselves within an Other. As we bring awareness to our patterns they begin to dissolve. We have the power to bust those painful defeating couple's patterns. By the way, if only one of you is willing to change, that is more than enough to bust a pattern!!! I will draw on my own journey toward clarity, as well as other sources for this two hour talk. This could be formatted and expanded to a one day or more. Top


Gestation and Birth as a Life Pattern

Consciousness research and experiential psychology are showing us that gestation, birth and the bonding experience have implications for a lifetime. This workshop discusses what we are learning, how we can reverse negative imprints, and the importance of bonding. There will be an experiential component with a gentle guided imagery that explores the womb and early messages imprinted there. Top


Images From the Depths

In my training with shamanistic methods of healing, I often witnessed people having extraordinary inner experiences resulting in major positive change. A combination of intention, music and deep breathing would carry people into deep states from mystical reverie to cathartic expression. Immediately following a two to three hour session the experients drew a right brain representation of their often ineffable inner journey. These images from the deep psyche are beautiful, compelling and sometimes haunting.

This workshop will center around beautifully rendered mandalas carefully photographed and assembled over a period of years. The evocative nature of this art is powerful. Using the slides as a talking point we will explore Integrative Breathwork and some of the kinds of experiences people have when doing deep experiential work. Holotropic Breathwork was developed by a psychiatrist named Stanislav Grof MD, who has been researching the deep psyche for more than thirty years. Exciting and revealing. A creative explosion! More... Top


Integrative Breathwork Introduction

This is a group activity that can be done in groups of up to twenty people. It involves some group processing, mandala drawing and a technique that consists of deep breathing to music that stimulates the psyche and energy system to bring up unconscious material for expression and integration. This is a very powerful and deep technique that can be life changing. I was certified by internationally known teacher and author Jacquelyn Small. Top


Living the Life of the Soul

This workshop in it's current form is a six part series, with each session lasting two hours. It could be modified down to a single presentation of a few hours, or a one day or two day event. This workshop explores how we can reduce or eliminate the blocks that would keep us from manifesting more soulful expression in our lives. It is my understanding that we are most soulful when body, mind, spirit, and emotions harmonize and come into alignment. We can learn to detect which aspects of ourselves are out of alignment and change that. This brings more meaning, joy and purpose in life. Living the Life of the Soul is meant to inspire, nourish, and assist in bringing more harmony between the four parts body, mind, spirit, and emotions. To do this I introduce tools, books, tapes, guided imageries and discussion. Top


Past Life Workshop

This is a two hour class that includes discussion of reincarnational theories, what we can learn from past life work, and an experiential component. The class will be guided through a relaxation exercise, an exercise to learn how each individual senses information and a gentle controlled mini past life regression. I have done this workshop many times and people do not seem to feel at all threatened by their experiences. Top


The Role of Heart Opening in Spiritual Growth

The heart center is often referred to as a healing space. That is because it is in the heart that accelerated energies such as our own soul, or the inner Christ can blend with the individual. This entrains and uplifts the overall vibration and can be life changing. I personally have been exploring heart opening from both the intellectual and experiential for many years. This class draws on personal experience, as well as spiritual and energetic approaches to opening the heart. There is also an experiential component employing an excellent tape that gently guides the explorer into a heart opening process. The format is two hours, but this could easily be expanded into a one day. Top


The Role of Non-Ordinary States in Healing

Healing occurs more rapidly and with greater scope when we work with non-ordinary states. The employment of guided imageries and other techniques that produce non-ordinary states, allow us to tap into less limited ways of thinking and experiencing . This two hour class will include discussion of various methods available to us, theory as to how and why they work and actual stories that demonstrate how creative the inner healer can be. Top


Understanding Emotions

I have had a strong interest in understanding everything about emotions ever since a powerful catharsis about fourteen years ago. As I mentioned earlier, we become centered and soulful when body, mind spirit, and emotions all harmonize. Our energy then becomes focused and coherent like a maglite beam. Emotions tend to be the most common area that keeps us out of alignment. Our culture trains us away from our feelings and soul loss results. Stuck emotions represent stuck emotional energy. Emotional energy is meant to move but sometimes this energy lies congested in the energy field. This results in emotional reactivity, emotional pain, thought distortions, recurrent behavior patterns, loss of power and energy, and eventually physical symptoms.

The workshop I call Understanding Emotions will explore some of the many ways we can effectively release this dense problematic energy and restore balance and greater wholeness. We will also explore how to become more emotionally self aware and appropriately expressive. Understanding emotions is a two segment workshop, each segment lasts two hours. An abbreviated version could be done and that would be in a two hour format. Top


Understanding the Shadow

Carl Jung pointed out that most human suffering comes from a failure to meet the shadow. The shadow represents our unacceptable parts. If we push the shadow away or suppress it, it will push back. This causes us to say or do things we regret. What the shadow calls for is acceptance. In return it gives us more energy, vitality and wholeness. In addition the shadow is very intuitive and gives us discernment and psychic ability. This workshop will explore a better understanding of the shadow and hopefully provide insight into each individual participant's shadow aspects. A guided imagery tape will provide an experience of shadow integration. The format runs two hours, could be expanded into a day long event. Top


At this point in my life it is a goal to be reaching as many people as possible for this reason I am desiring to do more workshop presentations. If you feel an interest in sponsoring one or more workshops or just asking some questions please feel free to contact me.

Call at 1.888.407.8456 or 1 860.376.3930

or you can write to me Bobbi Gay at P.O. BOX 695 Griswold CT 06351

Or email me at

Thank you for your time in reading this information!



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