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Transpersonal Counseling is an orientation to the human psyche that includes the spiritual dimension of life. My work recognizes that at a deeper level the psyche is informed by inner being. The work focuses on developing a relationship with this inner being. This is a great source of security, wisdom, and strength. Self-acceptance allows us to reclaim lost parts and regain lost energy bound up in these frozen bits of lost self.

For those who find themselves in spiritual emergence/emergency Transpersonal Counseling is an excellent resource and approach. It is useful for psychic openings, unusual inner experiences, energy manifestations, and kundalini, spontaneous past life recall and other odd and troubling experiences.

Transpersonal Counseling is an integrative model. That means we regather lost essence by working with sub-personalities, the inner child in particular, archetypes, angels, and a whole lot more. This is deeply heart-based work. The development of self-compassion is a big part. Transpersonal Counseling is available in person or by phone.



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