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" The ultimate purpose of visionary business is to transform the world by doing what you love to do."
Marc Allen

We here at the Self Empowerment Center @ believe that we are bringing you an exciting array of products all "kitchen tested" and people approved. It's clear "times are changing" and alternative products are proliferating. Even more confusing is the corresponding information explosion concerning new ideas and products. At the Self Check out the Soul Searching Article @ LightSeed.comEmpowerment Center @ we have a strong interest in serving those that are experiencing a more rapid or deeper change in order to keep up with life's challenges.

We want to bring more fun, positive growth, self compassion and feelings of aliveness to our customers. In order to best serve that goal we have gathered together an array of fine quality, truly useful products. We then grouped these products into categories in our shops to organize the information for your shopping ease and comfort.

We hope to offer you a certain clarity based on many years of hands on Visit the Acorn Solutions Shop @ LightSeed.comexperience and experimentation. Although we allow that there are many great products out there that we haven't tried, we have found amazing tools and products that work remarkably well. We are excited to be part of a shift that's happening toward integrity and vision in the business arena. We come to you out of a strong desire to be of service and offer products to create win-win scenarios.

Read our Article on GriefJanuary is a month that is often characterized by a sense of isolation, darkness and heaviness. It's as if during a long winter the heart longs for some warmth. Many of us especially those of European descent are faced with Seasonal Affective Disorder. The lack of light can trigger carbohydrate binges, fatigue, depression and physical aches and complaints. Check out the Osho Zen Tarot  at

The winter offers a cycle for going inward. Just as the tree drops it's leaves and lowers it's sap so do we focus inward and tend to get more quiet and low energy. Many native cultures take their cues from nature and with the shorter hours they turn inward toward Self.

In my work lately I have noticed a lot of grief coming up for release.

Check out our Services @ LightSeed.comPeople are feeling heaviness, difficulty drawing a deep breath and sadness or loneliness. This web site is designed to help you journey inward. If you are one who hears the bleak call to go inward toward grief and darkness, please take the time to view our informative and carefully assembled, Self Empowering, January products page.


We offer a TOOLS SHOP which features tools for exploring your own self, Visit the Tools Shop @ LightSeed.comfor example a number of card systems. These integrated sets usually contain both cards and a book designed to help you contact inner being. These systems really work as they inform you in various special ways, from a deeper level.

We invite you to peruse our carefully considered personal descriptions of these tools and what they can do for you. We proudly and confidently offer the Check out the Osho Zen Tarot  at LightSeed.comTheracane an amazing tool for reducing muscular tension wherever it exists in your body. The Theracane is a tool that allows you to explore and release achy pockets within the muscular system. It is very likely that it clears the energy and emotional levels of being as well. Alan who is cofounder of used a Theracane for nearly a year, periodically releasing grief and sadness from his system. more...

Our SOLUTIONS SHOP offers high quality alternative products which bring relief and ease in gentle ways. These products operate at the level of energy and for that reason can often bring deep and permanent change.

Physics tells us that the underlying structure of things is energetic; therefore if you create change at the level of the patterned structure, positive change unfolds in many delightful and unpredictable ways. We have developed our Acorn Solutions, a blend of vibrational remedies in the service of actual people with true life problems. We know they work and we provide you with high quality information in the form of individual product descriptions, written to inform as well as guide a purchase.

We also provide the articles entitled Getting the Most Out of Your Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing an Overview to assist you as you to get the most out of your purchase.

Balance Oil Blend is a formula to bring about deep balance, it is a combination of essential oils and flower essences. The Balance Oil Blend will help the nervous system and body to feel more calm and clear during trying times. Normally a twenty dollar purchase we offer throughout January a great buy on our
Balance Oil Blend for only $15. Add2cart more...

Grief Relief Blend is probably the single most effective tool we Check out our Acorn Solutions Shop @ LightSeed.comare offering this month. It gently flushes grief and heaviness out of your energy field which allows the system to rebalance. Grief Relief Blend is a flower essence formula. For the month of January we are offering the Grief Relief Blend for 25% less, which puts the cost to you at only $15. Add2cart More

An even more comprehensive approach would be the Heartsease Kit which addresses other related issues of the heart in an integrated way. The kit provides three bottled Acorn Solutions Blends which support each other as you clear the heart out and reconnect to your core. First you flush out the grief, then once the heart flushes it needs to learn how to stay open and develop a comfort with that. Another related challenge is to learn how to speak your heart's truth. Normally this three bottle kit goes for $50. For the month of January we offer the Heartsease Kit for $40. That works out to one free bottle. Order today and save. Add2cart More


Check our selection in the Books Shop @ In the BOOKSHOP we have brought together some of the most therapeutic and inspiring books on the market today. These books have proven they do help people over years of experimentation. Each book description is written to inform you and enhance your self understanding in some way. So even if you don't want to shop today the descriptions will "feed" you in many ways.

Emotional Clearing by John Ruskan can help you to release problematic emotion. This is a very good book about emotional balance and how to achieve it, by an obvious expert. More

- A book by John White - called Manual for Dying. More


The TAPES SHOPS has a collection of powerful and lovingly written and executed tapes by many experts and overall great folks. Please don't over look the value of absorbing information comfortably while driving, bathing, or even knitting. For those who find reading less then optimal or for those who process better in auditory modes, books on tape can be a God send. You can listen again and again until you have absorbed all you need.

Visit the Tapes Shop @ LightSeed.comThis is a fantastic solution to wasted time in traffic. If you haven't tried audio tapes, we strongly recommend giving them a shot... they are such a pleasant non-stressful way to take in new ideas. You can replay something three or more times until you deeply and painlessly get it. We also offer tapes that perform specific functions such as enhance breathing, assist your sleep, relaxation and release of muscular tension.

Check out Jacquelyn Small's tape for shadow integration called Meeting the Shadow. In Association with More

Warming the Stone Child is an excellent tape about the mythology of grief and abandonment. What do cultural myths about extreme aloneness point to? What can you learn about yourself from looking closer at loneliness and grief? In Association with more...


The MUSIC SHOP offers music that is employed in deep explorations of the psyche. This music tends to attune the listener in certain ways. For example a certain piece may be very helpful in contacting deeply held grief in order to release it. In the Music Shop we explain the uses for everything we offer. Try using music to assist in meditation, inner journeying, and emotional release!Visit the Music Shop @

Ray Lynch's music tends to warm the heart which then allows for movement of grief and pain.

No Blue Thing by Ray Lynch In Association with

Deep Breakfast by Ray Lynch In Association with

Also useful is the soundtrack from the movie The Mission by Eric Moriconne In Association with

And we always find Enya's music speaking to our hearts. We invite you to explore music as a means to lightening up and get in touch with the many facets of your heart.

Watermark by Enya In Association with


The Relaxation Shop is a collection of products that truly work to bring Visit the Relaxation Shop @ LightSeed.comabout deep release of tension and contraction. There is a high quality article simply named Relaxation to help you make informed choices.

So little is generally known about this vast subject, to learn something new you must seek out the experts like we did here at the Self Empowerment Center @ So join in the benefits of what we have learned from research and new methods of achieving deeply felt bodily relaxation; which translates into a feeling of safety and well being. Learn how to turn "bad" stress into "good" stress.

Lastly is our Explorations Shop which is still under construction. This is Check out the Explorations Shop @ LightSeed.comsparse for the moment but will eventually offer only the highest quality cutting edge information and products on more far out subjects. The Explorations Shop is dedicated to honoring the explorer in each of us and the world around us.


Check out the Articles @ LightSeed.comGrief is a heavy congestion of repressed emotional energy. It is possible to release or flush grief and subsequently feel much better. To learn more about cutting edge approaches to releasing grief and heaviness in the chest area please click here on the article entitled Letting Go of Grief.

We invite you to join us and allow the nourishment to touch your life. Our product descriptions are based on actual experiences and the explanations are designed to provide useful information. We hope you will learn about our products and the the many aspects of Self Empowerment and enjoy your visit with us here in our virtual shops at the Self Empowerment Center @


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