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Flower Essence Therapy



Flower essences are gentle vibrational tools that greatly assist growth and change. The way I work with Flower Essence Therapy is to help the client discover what change they desire. I then try to help them identify patterns and beliefs that keep them stuck. Then I provide a custom mixed blend that specifically addresses their personal needs. The insights into the pattern and the flower essences synergize powerfully.

I have over one hundred and fifty essences some gem, and angelic as well. A Flower Essence Therapy consultation is ten minutes long. I also offer custom bottles to support in person or phone sessions with me. For more information about flower essences please click on oneof the following articles: Making of a Flower Essence, History of Flower Essences, Vibrational Healing Overview, Acorn Solutions, Flower Essences Q&A, or Gettiing the Most from Your Flower Essences.



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