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Crystal Suite

Steven Halpern


This particular album gives you a deep experience of the sound made by crystal bowls. Crystal bowls are known to entrain the human brain and bring it into a certain frequency range that is particularly relaxed and healing. This is great for when you want to pull yourself up into a higher state of awareness. I feel this music in my third eye and I bet it` would be great for psychic explorations. Great with headphones.
Steve Halpern is one of the few people who is defining the field of music and healing. His music is the standard for upper chakra or spiritually based music. His music would be conducive to meditation, envisioning, massage, yoga, reading, relaxing, doing art and anything else that requires a quiet center. Anything where you're seeking expansive sensibilities would be assisted and perhaps heightened and intensified by this music.

Halpern's music would be the music of choice when doing healing meditations. It would also aid energy workers. His most recent music is more deliberate in it's healing intention. This music is filled with light and angelic healing enegy. This music raises the energetic vibration of any enviornment.

Because healing is his thing Halpern also makes a subliminal series for specialized purposes as follows:

This is the man that sets the standard and I recommend his music to anyone who is sensitive enough to appreciate accelerated energy fields or anyone who just wants to relax at a deeper bodily level.
Crystal Suite
by Steven Halpern
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