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Seeds of Light
Inspirations From My Higher Self

by Peter Rengel


In Association with Amazon.comMany times over the years, I've found myself needing to reach a more centered place within. I would look to those around me for comfort, but that didn't usually turn out the way I had hoped. This book, Seeds of Light, has been there for me in such times. As I look at my copy it is kind of beat up looking. I have loaned it out to others many times as a means of raising personal vibration.

A therapist wrote Seeds of Light. It addresses real life concerns in a poetic way. I personally have drawn sustenance from it on many occasions. Tools like this are self-empowering because they remind you of what you already know somewhere inside. So instead of anxiously seeking reassurance from others use a guide like this to reconnect within.

Here is an example of one entry from
Seeds of Light - Inspirations From My Higher Self


Contained within

Your tears of grief

Is all the Love

You have for your Friend

But did not fully express

When you were together

Please tell your loved one's the important things today! This little book is great for the bathtub, the bedside, or any place you find yourself in quiet receptive state. Seeds of Light is great for people who wish to raise their personal vibration. For those who are just finding themselves on the spiritual path, this is a resource you can turn to for upliftment as well as insight. For those who have been consciously evolving for years, this is a fresh way to deepen psychological awareness. The poetic format seems to assist in the assimilation of empowering ideas.


Judgment is

To Love


Cancer is

To the body.

With one big difference---

When Judgment arrives,

Love instantly dies.

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Seeds of Light
Inspirations from My Higher Self

By Peter Rengel
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