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The Pleasure Connection
How Endorphins Affect Our Health and Happiness

by Deva and James Beck


There are good books and there are great books, and occasionally there is an important book. The Pleasure Connection is an important book. This book provides the information that allows us to create a better present and future for ourselves. It explains the importance of the so called "pleasure cascade" in human well being. The secret to joy and inner well being lies in brain biochemistry.

The Pleasure Connection explains in a clear way what endorphins are, how early conditioning blocks their flow, and how fresh experiences stimulate endorphin production. It is clear that life is meant to be an interactive journey. When we reach out and interact with the environment we experience a flow of brain chemicals that affects us in positive ways for hours afterwards. This is called the pleasure cascade and it not only produces feelings of well being, but also supports the immune system. There are experiments and guided imageries designed to empower the reader in creating internal joy and well being.

Chapter titles from The Pleasure Connection:

This is a very empowering book. It is inspiring, uplifting and intellectually solid. It offers cutting edge information, and tools for creating a better reality for yourself. If you are aware that your thoughts generate your reality you will be excited to read The Pleasure Connection. If you have trouble shifting out of negative feeling states, get this book. The hopeful message of this book is that we can control our inner experience much more than we think!


The Pleasure Connection
How Endorphins Affect Our Health and Happiness

By Deva and James Beck

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